Roaming Services

Superior Practices offers a unique solution to Mobile Operators generating ongoing revenue streams by taking advantage of the roaming mobile subscribers.  Our solution fulfills the needs both for mobile operators and the individual mobile subscribers by giving the opportunity of using the same SIM card outside the home network and at the same time being able to use the same local services like Voice call, SMS and Data services.

The benefits derived by deploying such a solution to a Mobile Operator are the following:

  • Gives mobile operators a service differentiation in saturated market
  • Increase ARPU by selling multiple line subscriptions on a single SIM/handset
  • Decrease acquisition costs per new line
  • Lower costs for data mobile usage especially inbound roamers with smart phone
  • Increased revenue streams from roamers who normally will not use their mobile
  • Subscribers (roamers) can still receive calls on their home number