Churn Management

The Challenge

Our solution for an effective Churn Management model is to extract customer value based on a proactive model that will diagnose the behavior of the customer base.  One challenge here is the available client’s data that each telecommunication operator holds.  This data has to be extracted from CDRs and an existing CRM/Billing system that will enable our data mining experts to draw conclusions predicting churn and help defining customer value.  Our methodology model will integrate these into an accurate predictive churn model and customer value based on retention of the customers.  Resulting in a much better targeting marketing campaigns.

The Outcomes

  • Proactive identification for potential customers likely to churn
  • Effective targeted marketing campaigns
  • Valuable segments to target for proactive retention according to customer value
  • Customizable model according to client’s needs and environment
  • Evaluate cost of retention actions to define best ROI after predicting churn
  • Leading to increased Profitability