Web Development

Superior Practices is capable of designing innovative and high complex projects in the digital world.  The variety of industries that Superior Practices has involved with show the versatile character of our solutions addressing each time the customized needs of the clients.  For example, this includes sport websites, information, retailing, corporate websites and any kind of content.

Top Up ARPU lifting

Superior Practices brings in the best solutions in order to tackle Loyalty issues and high churn rates.

Such solutions include top up managed solutions, reward schemes and optimized price differentials, matched with promotional solutions yielding significant ARPU lifts due to increases in the value and frequency of reloads.

Rewards Point Systems

Superior Practices can offer top of the range rewards point systems.  These have been implemented by our clients with impressive uptake and results

e-Top Up switching

Operators with heavy focus on pre-paid segments face increased costs from traditional top up solutions, due to high production, distribution, collection and fee costs. Superior Practices brings proven solutions to switch customers through different incentive mechanisms towards e-top up and away from the traditional solution.