Content Delivery

Content Delivery is an area that is in a continuous transformation always trying to fulfill the needs of company’s customers.  Superior Practices has taken the step forward to this industry by developing projects/services that cover a variety of content delivery solutions.  Starting with Apps that increase the customer loyalty and create revenues leading to profitability.  In addition in the area of Social Networking, Superior Practices has developed a range of content offerings strengthening brand awareness and acquisition of new customers through the most differentiated and effective promotions.  Taking advantage of the penetration of the social networks in the customer’s daily life.

Content solutions provided from Superior Practices have received various awards worldwide and continue to bring a steady flow of revenues to the operators while keeping the clients happy, loyal and entertained.

Mobile Marketing

As the world goes more and more mobile, Superior Practices brings the best solutions in mobile marketing. We can create the best opt-in data bases with up to 40% participation for the operator to leverage through its own or 3rd party advertising.

Mobile Research

Mobile Research

Superior Practices brings to your company cutting edge technology solutions that enable research and focus groups through mobile. Why spend millions on traditional research when you can get better, faster and more accurate results through mobile.