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The Pre-paid Market is an emerging market that has a very promising growing potential in the following years across the world.  From 2000 till 2010 the ARPU across all regions was declining despite the fact that the connection volumes were increasing.  Now we are entering in a new period were the competition is service based and not infrastructure based which was some years ago. Nowadays Telecom Operators are looking for the below characteristics :

  • Increase of spending per customer
  • Lengthen the lifetime of the customer
  • New high value customers
  • Reduce of cost per customer

Superior Practices through its differentiated solutions is capable of fulfilling today’s and acting proactively for tomorrow challenges.  Meeting customer’s demanding needs at the highest level.

Our services offerings can give to Operators the following benefits :

  • Increased Voice Revenue
  • Reduced overhead cost
  • Customer Satisfaction leading customer retention
  • High ARPU
  • Capture of market share in this huge market of Prepaid customers